Private Lessons
Team Building Workshops

Wedding Party
Surprising the bride and groom or the congregation on a wedding day can be a fantastic moment, making the big day truly memorable for all.
If simply walking down the aisle is too boring for you we can give you some great dance moves (or fine tune your own unique moves) to sashay down the aisle to, instead.
Pick your favourite song or pick from a selection provided, that will perfectly compliment your grand entrance.
N.B Dance moves will be suitable for all levels.
Reception Performance:
A show during the reception can be a brilliant way to really get the party started.
Maybe get some of those ‘in’ jokes out there or show off the hidden talents of the wedding party… “I didn’t know he could do the caterpillar!”
Pick your favourite song or pick from a selection provided to put on a real show for the guests.
N.B Dance moves will be suitable for all levels.

First Dance
Your first dance is always a nerve-wracking moment, everyone staring, expectation in the air... eeeek! So having a choreographed routine is the best way to overcome any worries and give your wedding party a real show to remember.
The Music:
Choose the song that means the world to you both or pick from a selection provided, taking into account both the Bride’s and Groom’s taste.
The Dance:
Ailsa Baker is experienced in nearly every type of dancing there is, so there is a whole world of styles and themes to play with. Whether you're looking for something smooth and elegant, cute and quirky, slinky and a little bit sexy, something that tells a story, or even something outrageous!
The Steps:
As soon as people hear "choreographed routine" they tend to panic a little and start visualising complicated footwork, arms up and down all over the place etc.
Please be assured that the routine will be completely tailored to both the Bride and Groom’s levels of dance ability ... and don't forget simple walking can be made to look fabulous!

Do you have a show coming up and need a spectaular routine? Whether it is a solo, small group or full production number, Ailsa can create something completely tailored to your theme, music, or event.
School/Dance school shows
Competition dances
Presentation opening routines
'Just-for-fun' routines
and many more...

Private Lessons
If you prefer to have the teachers full attention and concentrate on your specific needs then a private lesson is perfect for you.
Whether you have something in particular you'd like to work on, or if you just want to have a dance around to the music you love, book yourself in for some 'me time'.
Fitness class
Dance class (variety of styles inc; Street, Ballet, Contemporary, Cabaret)
and many more...

Team Building Workshops
Dance is great way to get people to work together so book a team building dance workshop for your staff. This new take on staff team building has proven to be very effective!
Suitable for men and women of all ages and levels of ability.
In the workshop participants will...
Be taught a routine (variety of themes available) that combines tailor-made steps, patterning and style.
In groups, create their own section of dance choreography to add to the finished routine.
Learn simple partner work.
At the end of the workshop participants will have a whole routine to take away... maybe to perform at the next staff party?!